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Divorce and Domestic Partnership Dissolution

Ending a relationship through divorce or domestic partnership dissolution is a difficult emotional experience. This is true even in those situations where the parties believe the dissolution or divorce is in their best interest. Attorney Vincent B. Garcia, a Southern California Divorce Attorney can help you through this difficult time and see that your rights are protected. Read More

Child Custody and Support

There are few areas of law more sensitive than child custody. By the time families reach the point of discussing custody in the course of a divorce, tensions are typically running high. Few people want to risk the relationship they have with their children, making the discussion of custody and child support ripe for emotional upheaval. Read More

Asset Division

Asset division is second only to child custody as the most contentious area of family law. Whether you have been with your spouse for 2 years or 20, when it comes to separating assets, there is a very good possibility that you could have a fight on your hands. This is not always the case, but people can become emotional and sometimes unreasonable when it finally comes time to determine who deserves what, and how much of it. Read More

Other Family Law Issues

Family law is a complex field encompassing many different areas of the law. Southern California Family Law Attorney Vincent B. Garcia has over 20 years of experience helping people navigate the field of family law, and is here to help you with a variety of family law issues. Read More

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